Catch 22 By Joseph Heller Essay

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Catch-22 by Joseph Heller is a novel set during World War II on Pianosa, an island off the coast of Italy. Heller exhibits a type of writing style that features elements such as strange imagery, which was prevalent in the 20th century during the literary movement known as surrealism. He uses some specific techniques of this writing style, such as black humor and absurdity, to help make Catch-22 a refreshing and exciting novel.Throughout the novel, Yossarian, the protagonist, is an antihero to the characters in the novel, but he can be considered a hero due to him not participating with his squadron in doing missions that do not seem logical. Yossarian’s decision making represents him as an existentialist that does not want to conform to society. In Catch-22, Heller explores larger issues of social order and individual responsibility through the incompetence and corruption of the bureaucracy, the realization of the corruptness, the characters’ thoughts and actions, and the language presented throughout this war novel.
Born in New York in 1923, Joseph Heller’s biting sense of humor may have been influenced by the surrealistic and carnival like neighborhood in which he grew up. Joseph Heller enlisted in the Army Air Corps in the year 1942 and two years later, 1944, he was stationed off the coast of France and Italy on an island known as Corsica (Telgen, Diane). As he was in the army, he witnessed the murders and violence throughout World War II. While in the Army Air Corps, his…

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