Catapult Essay

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Zac Jordan, Ryan Breaux Catapult Project Sharkey
Catapults have been used since Greek and Roman times. They were used as siege engines against castles and walled cities. The ammunition loaded into the catapults were meant to break the walls with stones, fire incendiary missiles over the walls, or used for biological warfare, such as launching dead animals over the wall to spread disease. The type of catapult we built is a mangonel catapult. We like to call it RZYAACN (our names combined and it sounds cool). The catapult works through torsion, which is the tension caused when an object is twisted in one direction while the other end is motionless or twisted in the opposite direction, with equal and opposite torques at each end. Now to
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Then, we sawed the square piece of wood in half diagonally to form two triangles, with the help of Ryan’s dad. We then nailed on both of the triangles, one on each side, to the base and uprights, with the hypotenuse of the triangle rising towards the uprights. Then, we nailed in the 18 inch piece of wood, connecting the two upright 15 inch pieces of wood on the side opposite of the triangles. Then, we drilled a half inch hole in the 30 inch piece of wood 2 and ½ inches from the end of the wood through the middle of the side. Then, we drilled one inch holes that are 6 inches from the end of the base with the triangles attached and 2 ½ inches from the bottom. Now, it’s time for the wrapping of the rope. First, we tied a knot with the rope onto one of the 15 inch cylindrical rods. Then, we put forced the rope through the holes in each piece of wood, going to the other side, wrapping it around the other piece of cylindrical wood one time, back to the other side, and then back to the other side once more. Then, this is where things change. Instead of going through the holes in the swing arm, the rope is wrapped above and below the arm. The wrapping is basically in a figure 8 pattern. So when you go above the launch arm, the rope is therefore going to go into the next hole and wrap from under the cylindrical rod, which will cause the next wrap to go

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