Casino Royale Analysis

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Uzoma Obii-Uzoma
ENGL 110.6: Literature and Composition
T.A.: Teacher Sheikh Sheheryar
18th April 2016

Bond’s Sexual Performance after his Graphic Torture in the book “Casino Royale” by Ian Fleming
James Bond movies have hit the big screens for quite a while. The use of 007 has been a word that describes the spy figure even in the international cinema. In the same case, novels written by Fleming also enjoyed the same popularity during the Cold War specifically after the announcement by the then president, John F. Kennedy that the novel is among the best five books he has read (Jenkins 309). In the secondary article, the author investigates the approach that the novel written by Fleming, Gold finger, employs the character of homosexuality
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His adoption of being 007 agents has depicted him to be one of the dangerous agents that no one could dare challenge his abilities. He is seen to protect people in dangerous scenes and at the same time saving sensitive information and products for the government that he works for. That means presenting him as a coward may sound ironic. In the same line, the novel by Fleming considers James Bond as afraid towards the sensual beauty. It may appear critical to James Bond based on his characterization throughout the novel that he can perform sexually even after the event of his graphic torture (Fleming …show more content…
The selfish character is quite dangerous especially for Bond, who has fallen in love. It may not be possible for him to give out the best to what Vesper wants since he will first start by thinking about himself, and the things that he will do to make him happy. It can be one of the reasons as to why he is afraid of Vesper. He might think that by falling for Vesper’s ideas, he would have denied himself some freedom. The concept of self-centeredness is something that is crucial to him, and it has the possibility of denying him many things, including the love that Vesper is ready to give to him (Fleming

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