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INSTRUCTIONS: For your Midterm paper, you will review the case of Ajay Bam. This case contains a manageable amount of material but presents the opportunity to consolidate the material covered to date in the course. Entrepreneurial Attributes: Consider Ajay’s background and experience. Create a comprehensive list of attributes that you think Ajay possesses. Which three are the most important; why do you think so? How did these attributes help him succeed? Business Plan Outline: The case includes an executive summary; using the model on page 258, create a brief 10-slide
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Sure, he had assembled a top-flight board of seasoned advisors, but what good was that if he was unable to keep his team together or get any traction with investors? Broke and exhausted, Ajay confessed that, even though he had worked for two years to earn an MBA degree in Entrepreneurship, he was giving a lot of thought to a six-figure job that was still waiting for him with Lehman Brothers in New York.
As Ajay clicked off his cell phone, he was suddenly struck by the fact that the attorney had said almost nothing. He swallowed hard as he realized why; he had been talking like a quitter—maybe not worth the free advice and networking support that the skilled lawyer had been providing for months. And what about all the other professionals who had given Ajay so much of their time and encouragement over the past two years—including a major venture-capital investor that he now considered his mentor? Was he willing to make a similar call to them as well? This is just too hard, too lean.
Ajay rubbed his tired eyes and looked out at the cold April rain. What had he missed? What else could he try? Should he keep at it, or cut his losses now and attempt something else at a later time after he had rebuilt his personal savings a bit?
In addition to his precarious financial situation and his state of exhaustion, Ajay was

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