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For many of us, finding a career that we deem fun and long-term is in itself a long journey. But having a successful career in life is not just for the rich and famous, it's also for the average person.
We as humans are prone to look at successful individuals like Oprah or Bill Gates and assume that somehow they became wealthy and innovative overnight, but it truly took many years, time, effort, and perseverance.
Choosing a career is an involved process that is based on a number of things, including your interests, skills, work-related values, and personality. And of course salary and bonuses take not the last place in our decision.
I am doing my MBA program and I have to choose the field in which I will devote my life. I am interested
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In the base salary of executives, most receive variable pay, a compensation that fluctuates according to some level of performance. The use of compensation beyond base salary is intended to motivate executives to reach certain organizational performance goals, for example, specific profit levels, and reward them for reaching these goals. One very popular type of variable pay is the executive bonus, which is a one-time payment tied to some short-term performance goal. The bonus may be based on any number of performance outcomes, ranging from judgments of executive performance by the board of directors, to levels of company profits or market share. Nearly all executives now receive some sort of bonus as a part of their compensation package.

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The stock option is the older of the two types of qualified plans that invest primarily in employer securities. Under the regulations, a stock bonus plan is a qualified defined-contribution plan similar to a profit-sharing plan, except that the employer's contributions are not necessarily dependent on profits; benefits are distributable in the stock of the employer company.

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