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Mint is a line of robotic cleaning machines, launched in January 2010 by Evolution Robotics, a company that just got acquired by iRobot. Mint is a two tiered cleaning robot which dusts and wet-mops hard surface floors. The robot systematically covers the floor line-by-line and cleans around the edges before it returns to its original position. Mint is one of the most noise-free floor cleaning robot (it has no vacuum motor), but it is not fully automatic. The cleaning cloth has to be attached to the cleaning pad before cleaning and it has to be removed after it is done. It can cover 93 square meters (1000 sq ft) in sweep mode and 23 square meters (250 sq ft) in wet mopping mode. Mint uses a navigation cube as a beacon for
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The $100 price difference between the two versions is also not deterring people from embracing the newer version. Just like cooking, cleaning the floor is very integral part of average human being’s busy life. The market for such products is huge. Thus a lot of companies will come up with new innovative products in this industry soon. Also our dependence on hi-tech products will add onarpeted floor will arise. This could lead to some serious competitive threat. However, the recent acquisition of Evolution robotics, the maker of Mint Plus, by iRobot, a pioneer in robotic cleaners, would help fight this threat.
My Observation of Mint Plus in Action
I was pretty amused to see Mint Plus in action at one of my friend's place. Being a busy mom of two active children and also a dog owner, she is forced to depend on such technologically advanced products to make her life a little easier. It is a very easy-to-use product with just 3 functions. She had put it on charge in the docking station a couple of hours before I reached her place. She just pulled it out of the station, put some water in the washing the wash cloth before each use. My Friend was ok with it. But somehow I found it a little gross. I would prefer my robotic cleaner to have a storage wherein I can store some wash clothes and also would want it to use the wash clothes interchangeably. However there are some unarticulated needs that I noticed observing her using Mint Plus. She

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