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Case Study
The Case will focus on issues related to the cultural aspect of international business; sustainable business practices including CSR issues; foreign investment; and the benefits of regional integration for the countries within, and companies doing business in, that region. The case study analysis will be completed on an individual basis.
THE CASE: Kaizer Consulting
Kaizer Consulting is an international management consulting firm that specializes in business strategy and serves as a key advisor to the world’s leading companies. It provides its clients with the unique insight to drive critical decision making and solve their most pressing problems.
Every year, the majority of Kaizer’s business comes from
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Kaizer’s Findings:
With the new knowledge provided by Kaizer, the Client: * Refocused its market entry and distribution strategies from enhancing warehousing and retail systems to more innovative production plans that incorporated local benefits and added a plan to use Indonesia as a base for expansion into other countries in the region particularly India, Vietnam, the Philippines and China. * Challenged its managers and employees to develop highly ethical Codes of Conduct and CSR strategies that supported its long-term operations in the target market. * Most importantly, was able to develop an overall approach that was culturally sensitive and appropriate, even humorous. This approach was reflected in all the client’s negotiation and partnership development activities and clearly demonstrated its respect for the target market’s culture.
Next Steps:
Kaizer has recognized that this work could become a model for future work with this client and others in similar situations. They’ve asked you to provide comments and a framework to analyze these situations more efficiently. Questions:
Each question is worth 10 marks for a total of 50 marks. The

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