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Case Study: Specific Learning Disabilities Criteria

Name: Jennifer Birthdate: 12/17/92
Jennifer is a 2nd grader being referred for possible learning disabilities in reading. Jennifer has always attended Sand Hill Elementary and has not repeated a grade. She is eight years old. She has been screened for vision and hearing problems and was found to have normal vision and hearing. Her teachers have described her as cooperative and likable. She does not exhibit behavioral problems.

Jennifer has a history of difficulty with early reading skill milestones. She had difficulty learning the letters of the alphabet in kindergarten as well as trouble with initial sounds, sight vocabulary and rhyming. Her overall language development was
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She requires several “reteaching” lessons before she masters a skill. The teacher feels she is unable to provide enough individualization to meet Jennifer’s needs as well as the other children in the group. Jennifer does seem more comfortable learning in this environment; there are only two other children in her Title I reading group. The other children in the group are in first grade.

Jennifer was observed during a small group reading lesson, independent work time, and social studies. During reading, Jennifer paid attention to the directions. She didn’t always listen as well when her classmates read as she did to the teacher speaking. The book they were reading was about Martin Luther King, Jr. Jennifer hid behind her book as her turn to read drew near. The teacher called on her and she read so softly that she was asked to speak up. However, she continued to read softly and the teacher did not insist further. She stumbled a great deal and didn’t appear to attempt unknown words (of which there were many). She made a lot of substitutions such as “king” for “kind”. After trying to read for a few minutes, she asked if she could stop. The teacher took over reading. Although other children in the group of seven students struggled over some of the words as well, Jennifer appeared to have much more difficulty. Jennifer’s teacher reported these observations were consistent with Jennifer’s typical performance

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