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Case Study Captain Edith Strong
By Rita Goforth
March 3, 2014
CJA/ 474
Professor Mathew Workman

Introduction In many law enforcement agencies across the United States there are issues with not having significant resources, enough manpower, little funding, and so on. While all of these issues are important to address and fix, a high turnover rate because officers are simply miserable in their jobs is another big concern for many Captains in many departments. This issue unless taken seriously and dealt with immediately can cause detrimental effects on the department as well as the community. When officers are miserable on the job their work suffers and with that so does the public. It is important for supervisors to take every
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With this program Captain Strong can hire more personnel so that officers don’t always work alone and work is shared so that each officer is able to complete their jobs effectively. In addition to hiring more officers, Captain Strong could create a system of finishing paperwork that is more timely and efficient so that officers don’t feel so overwhelmed that they also feel like they are “getting nowhere” in their duties.
Motivational Strategies While administrators and supervisors do have a certain degree of responsibility to motivate their officers, motivation is largely up to the officer to motivate him or herself. In many instances if an officer does not learn to motivate themselves it will be extremely hard for them to be motivated by others (Saul McLeod 2007 Simply psychology). Being a police officer can often be very stressful and dangerous at times, officers deal with individuals that are rude, or not thankful for the help. Being in these situations and dealing with these individuals can take a toll on an officer very quickly. Though they knew what the job entailed when they got in to this career path Captain Strong could still encourage the officers to strive for excellence by empowering and motivating officers, and of course make sure to provide adequate means of counseling and time off when needed to make sure that their officers stay at the top of their game so to

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