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I. Determine which category the case fits into: This case is diagnostic in nature and Albert Fiorini failed in checking the management failures. Based on the case facts, supposed to identify the lapse in control measures and propose solutions to them.
II. Describe the case This case is talking about the illegal takeover of company “Atlanta Home Loan” by Albert’s partner cum manager Wilbur Washington.
a. What are the facts of the case? ➢ Albert Fiorini (Al) founded a company named “Atlanta Home Loan” (AHL) in April’02. ➢ Recruited several staffs to take care of operations. ➢ After six months, in Sept’02, AL left to complete his MBA. Before leaving, started looking for someone to
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➢ Al sent his agents to fire all the staffs from his office. Al got to know that Wilbur has claimed himself as owner of the company. ➢ Al and Wilbur entered into legal battle to claim funds and authority. This resulted in to significance loss of money and time at the Al end.
b. What has to be decided? ➢ Lapse while making decisions about partnership agreements and selection of people. ➢ Control measures to be taken to control results and action. ➢ Al should continue his fight to regain control over AHL or not? 2. Who are the players? Al, Joe, Wilbur, Letitia, Banking personnel of BofA 3. Where is the case happening, and is that important? in other words, are there issues with This case is dealing with people. 4. When are deadlines important? are there deadlines?, if yes, how do those deadlines impact the issues? (this may indicate a sequence for the decisions required in the case)
Questions: -
1. Identify the devices (controls) that Al Fiorini used to control his business both before and after he went back to school. Classify each control as a results, action, or personnel/cultural type of control.

Al defined the dimensions to measure the performance of the employees. These measures were not sufficient to measure other factors. Al

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