Case Study Essay

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1. What are the chief elements of the strategy that Whole Foods Market is pursuing?

The chief elements of the strategy that whole Foods Market is pursuing are Fresh natural and organic foods and products with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Promote healthier eating/lifestyle and increasing consumer knowledge/education of food safety, environment and how pesticides affect the land as well as the human body.

2. Is the strategy well matched to recent developments and conditions in the natural and organic foods segment of the food retailing industry?
Yes the Whole Foods strategy has worked well for the company. They have good products and seem to have
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Do Whole Foods Market's core values as presented in case exhibit 3 really matter? Are they "real" or just cosmetic window dressing? What evidence can you cite to support your answer? Have Whole Foods' core values contributed to the company's success? Why or why not?

Core values do matter as long as the company and its management practice what they preach. If employees aren’t behind the managers then the company’s success will either be poor or non-existent. Also customers can be tough, if they see words on a wall, look around a see poor displays, moldy food and unhappy/unfriendly store associates, customers won’t come back, especially if the products being sold are high end. Whole Foods Market’s Core Values are good, but are very extensive and should probably be trimmed down a little and still able to convey the message the store wants to express. From my own shopping experiences there they do seem to follow their Core Values the store is clean, colorful and the food is excellent.

5. How well is Whole Foods Market performing from a financial perspective? Do some number-crunching using the data in case exhibits 9 and 10 to support your answer. Use the financial ratios presented in "A Guide to Case Analysis" and in table 4.1 of the text as a basis for doing your assessment of the company's financial statements and financial condition.
Based on Exhibit 9 financially, their sales doubled in 4 years but so did their cost of goods sold. Based on the figures

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