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BUS 4327 Organizational Development and Change C

• The 2nd continuous assessments accounts for 20% of the total marks a student can earn for this course.

• Each group is expected analyze the given case study and submit a written document on or before the 6th of December 2013 , 3.00 p.m to the Department of Business Administration.

• Late submissions will be penalized and 1 mark will be reduced for each extra day taken up to 5 days.

• If the course lecture/s detects any act of plagiarism and/or related academic misconduct in your assignment, the entire group may either lose marks allocated for this assignment (up to 80%) or may be asked to resubmit the assignment. Any resubmission may earn marks up to 40 % of the total
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• use and apply right models and theories when need. • give evidence of independent work and reflective learning.

Number the Subject Matter as – 1 2 3 4 (Bottom right of the page)

Back Matter should include (in the given order); • References ( According to Harvard System) • Bibliography ( According to Harvard System) • Appendix

Don’t number the references and bibliography. Number the appendix as – A B C D ( Bottom rightr of the page)

The format of the written document should be;

Page Size – A4

Paper Type – A reasonably quality white paper

Text Type – Times New Roman

Text Size – 12 (Main topics 14, Sub topics 12) DO NOT UNDERLINE THE TOPICS

Line Spacing – 1.5 (In between paragraphs and topics 2)

Margins – 1” on all sides

Header of the report - Times New Roman, 09, Italic (use the format given below)

Organizational Development and Change Name of the Case Study

Footer of the report - Times New Roman, 09, Italic (use the format given below)

Department of Business Administration – Group 01 Page

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