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1. Identify the areas of law that are relevant to the chosen media report, and explain how they are relevant to the matters outlined in the report.

This article reports on the security/safety issues surrounding a vacant Peppermint Grove mansion. The mansion is unable to be sold by Radhika and Pankaj Oswell due to unresolved issues regarding unpaid taxes of up to $186 million.

Contract Law

Earning money in Australia, a contract is entered into with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to pay taxes according to the amount of income being made. As there has been a dispute with Mrs Oswell owing the ATO a very large sum of money, there is an issue regarding contract law, as she is obligated to pay the money that she owes.
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The teenagers throwing parties in the vacant block need to know what they can be charged with in regards to trespassing and damage of property, as well as possible underage drinking and drug use.

The ATO must have sufficient knowledge on property law in regards to the freeze they put on the Oswell’s vacant property and the rights and responsibilities that come with that. For example, third party insurance, security and monitoring of the property.

4. How do the media influence public perceptions about the law and its administration? How might public pressure impact legislators and judges in establishing the law?

The media has a massive influence on the opinions and perceptions that people form. They are able to spin a story in any way and are very good at persuading people to feel certain things. For example media cartoons displaying the similarities between police officers and pigs were extremely popular in recent years along with many articles depicting people being unnecessarily beaten by police who then got away with it. Because there is so many outlets for the media to display their content it is easy for them to put across a successfully persuasive message.

Public pressure could impact legislators in such a way that with enough pressure they have the ability to change the outcomes of events. For example, large protests and petitions could cause

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