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SOM 498: Strategic Management (Section 006 and section 007) Semester: Spring 2013 (updated Jan 22, 2013)

Professor: Mahesh P. Joshi Ph.D. Office: 210 Enterprise Hall; (703) 993-1761 email:; (preferred email)
Timings: 4:30 pm to 7:10 pm (section 006) and 7:20 pm – 10:00 pm (section 007)
Day: Tuesday
Location: Robinson Hall B 208 (section 006) and Robinson Hall B 211 (section 007)
Office Hours: Tuesday 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm or anytime by appointment Instructional Material: Strategic Management Concepts By Frank Rothaermel - McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. - 2012 – First Edition, Paperback - ISBN 978 0 07 732445-2

Cases for the class: available at: HBSP 1. Wii Encore? By
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Approach to Learning
This course is designed to be centered on active learning -- discussion and application -- rather than the traditional lecture-regurgitation format. Research strongly suggests, and our teaching experiences corroborate, that active learning is more effective and more interesting than traditional lecture-based teaching methods. Successful active learning requires a major investment from both students and faculty. You will need to study the assigned readings before each class, do a fair amount of thinking and writing, and be prepared to contribute to the class discussion. You should become a partner in the learning environment, which means asking questions, sharing your reactions, giving feedback to your colleagues and instructor, and staying on top of the workload. I will invest time and energy to help you attain your goals for the course, and work with you to develop your skills and abilities (more like a coach than a traditional lecturer). This approach requires more work from all of us, but the long run benefits warrant the extra effort.

We will use a combination of lecture, discussions (case based as well news items based) during most class periods. For each topic area, we will usually discuss the strategic management frameworks prevalent in different industry

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