Case Study Essay

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Case Study Number 2
McKenzie Chavez

What is the significance of each of D.W.’s laboratory findings?
The tests that were run for the patient D.W. were performed to determine a diagnosis and treatment. Even though the disease systemic lupus erthematosus (SLE) doesn’t have a test that specifically diagnosis this diseases, there are test that are run to help with understand contributing factors. The significance of a positive antinuclear antibody (ANA) titer is that 98% of people with systemic lupus test positive, even though it is not enough for a diagnosis of lupus (healthy individuals can test positive) it is a good indication along with other diagnostics test in the presence of lupus. The anti-double-stranded DNA antibody
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at this time. D.W. should receive regular preventive health care, such as gynecological and breast. If she is taking corticosteroids or antimalarial medications, an eye exam should be done at least yearly to screen for and treat eye problems. She should also be aware of her increased risk of premature cardiovascular disease, making healthy lifestyle choices such as eating well, exercising regularly, and not smoking particularly important ( Lupus, a patient care guide).

Of what significance are these findings, and what is the relationship of such findings to D.W.’s diagnosis of SLE? The significance of these findings indicates that D.W. is experiencing renal failure. The clinical manifestations of renal failure in Lupus patients also known as Lupus nephritis include increased loss of protein in the urine. This loss of protein leads to accumulation of sodium (salt) and water in the peripheral tissues leading to edema. Patients that lose over 3000 mg/24 hrs of protein (normal up to 150 mg/24 hrs) can develop what is called the Nephrotic syndrome; a condition where swelling is found throughout the body including the hands, feet, lower legs and eyelids (Lupus Foundation of America). The serum creatinine (Cr) is a blood number that reflects the ability of the kidney to clear toxins from the body. Thus, D.W.’s higher serum Cr shows she has lower kidney function. The increases in

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