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Rocky Gagnon, General Contractor
Rocky Gagnon is a 50-year old journeyman carpenter, laborer, and craftsman. Over the past 30 years, Rocky has worked in almost every job and phase of the house building process. Rocky is getting older and his back is getting sore. He loves the construction business and feels that now is the time for him to start working more with his mind than his back. Rocky wants to become a general contractor.
Some general contractors have their own facilities, equipment and employees. Others simply work out of their homes and subcontract all of the work required to complete a particular project.
Rocky has an idea and a vision for something a little different. He wants to put together a team of
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Rocky wants to coordinate all of this and make house building more efficient.
The spirit of cooperation is also severely lacking, according to Rocky. It seems that many contractors could not care less about the crew that will follow them in the building process. For example, a framing crew should know about the exact plans for the fireplace, hearth, and chimney on each job, and should leave the site properly set up for that contractor. According to Rocky, the all too typical response of the framer (as well as others) is that, thats not my job, so dont tell me about it. Independent contractors are also notorious for leaving their messes behind for someone else to clean up, such as the general contractor or next crew.
Rocky wants to change all of this by bringing together a group of tradespeople who will agree to work together as a team for the common good. If done right, Rocky sees this as a win-win situation for all parties.
Rocky knows that the opportunity for success clearly exists. New home construction is very strong in his area and is expected to stay that way for a long time. Rocky also knows that the key to his success will be the presence of strong organizational and communication skills. Rocky feels that all of the pieces of the puzzle are there for the taking, and that all he needs is some help in setting up the right team and an organizational structure and work process that will achieve the desired results.
During the past few months, Rocky put

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