Essay about Case Study : Yajana Schwank

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Case Study – Yajana Schwank
Yajana Schwank is employed as an assistant manager in the accounts payable department at Creativity Checklist, Inc., a consulting firm based in Montecito, California. On June 28, 2013 Ms. Schwank filed a complaint for discrimination against Creativity Checklist, Inc. The complaint cited her gender and Latino ethnicity as the reasons that she was not granted a promotion to the position of accounts payable manager. Instead, a white male was promoted to that position. Management at Creativity Checklist, Inc. responded that, despite Yajana’s employment for five years at the company, the choice not to promote her was the result of her own refusal to conform to management requests and warnings regarding her workplace behavior. Management produced records indicating that Yajana had participated in several counseling sessions regarding her disruptive interactions with colleagues and superiors. These sessions and warnings took place over a period of more than a year prior to the decision not to promote her.
The basis for Yajana’s claim of discrimination in the management choice to promote a white male who had less experience in the accounts payable department than she did is founded on the fact that she is the only female employed in that department, and that she is of Hispanic ethnicity. It is true that Yajana has numerous qualifications for advancement, including completion of a bachelor’s degree that was funded by…

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