Case Study : Twin Oaks Hospital Essay

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Reviewing the case study on Twin Oaks Hospital the first problem identified was David Hardy the director of personnel knew of the lingering problems and did not address them earlier. Due to his lack of ethics or possibly inexperience, by not having a policy ad procedure manual updated could potentially place the hospital in jeopardy of violating state and federal laws. Fines as high as _____________ can be enforced by Equal Employee Opportunity Commission Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Equal Pay Act on behalf of employees. Keeping this in mind, potential candidates begin their job search by reviews posted on social media related to pay, work conditions, and social responsibility. Bad reviews could result in the potential employer deciding to look elsewhere for a career, leaving a less desired or qualified employee to be signed on impacting the profit line of the organization. In this instance for a hospital setting, if they were to receive a bad review on their maternity or surgery experience, many would flock to the next best facility. A good portion of the roles and responsibilities in the human resources job description is to work and collaborate in multi cross segments of business to better understand how they can support managers increasing productivity, reducing administrative costs, retain employees who contribute to the organizations mission statement and values. Retention too includes finding creative methods and benefits to support everyone’s…

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