Case Study: Total Eclipse Of The Sun

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Jack O’Keefe
Ramsdem, Stephen W. "Total Eclipse of the Sun." Sky Watch (1089-4888), Jan. 2017, p. 48. EBSCOhost, With less than a year left, America is getting closer to its solar eclipse. This major event should be happening on August 21st 2017. The solar eclipse will be a one time thing for some people in their lives and they would ever want to have to miss a once in a lifetime opportunity. With social media and just the media in general, this event will be one of the most popular phenomenons ever. The amount of people that will be able to watch our sun's light blocked by the moon is outrageous. A bit fewer than one billion people ranging from Siberia to West africa, to north and South America will be able to witness this possibly life changing
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What we live on, Earth, is a small rocky planet that goes around the sun. While orbiting the sun we have been met by other objects and even one of these collisions had created that rock in the sky that comes out at night, otherwise known as the moon. Things will falter around our orbit and they will slant at many different angles. For this event we will be seeing our Earth orbiting the sun and the moon blocking off most of the big star. These masses all mathematically position themselves to each other during the year. About once every 18 months we see our moon pass directly in front of our point of view on the sun, creating a lunar shadow that can be seen for only a few minutes. The event is still unknown for most of the part, but our scientist do a fantastic job of observing and giving us …show more content…
People will be preparing as it gets closer and they will be doing research to know what they are doing. This Solar Eclipse may be the first seen for people or the last seen eclipse for some, so you would not want to miss it. People are going to create conspiracies that will not make sense and will just try to get in people's minds. Just listen to the facts and scientists will be observing this solar eclipse as they will only gain information. To watch this event make sure you are properly equipped and find the best location. Be ready as the solar eclipse appears this

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