Termination Of The Therapeutic Relationship: A Case Study

Termination of the Therapeutic Relationship
Follow up during the fourth week, Vincent and Emma achieved their goal to improve their communication between one another. They expressed that when they begin to ponder upon issues of the unknown, they hold on to their strong Catholic faith. This gives them the strength to continue with the plan of care and to contact the clinic in regards to Emma’s health, as the clinician suggested. Emma stated that Jenna have not experienced any asthma exacerbation since the last visit because he attends a different daycare after school.
The relationship was terminated mutually and based on nurse-initiated termination. The agreement is based on the observe conclusion that the family discovered solutions to their
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Berkey, Hanson and Mischke’s Family Systems Stressor-Strength Inventory tool helped both NP and the Romero’s family to discussed the problems, so that each family member understand the problem form the other family member’s point of view. the NP in collaboration with the family arrived at suggestions on how to improve the situation to lessen the stressor. The family achieve short term goal, learnt different coping mechanisms, and use other available resources to reduce the stressor.
The Neuman System Model theory allowed the evaluation of Romero’s family spiritual, psychological, socio-cultural, physiological and developmental perception towards Emma’s GBS diagnosis. The family stressors which creates a barrier of having optima health and wellness was identified and removed. The plan allowed the family to utilize both internal and external resources to strengthen the family to promote health and wellness for the family as a whole. It also allows the family to maintain equilibrium and protects the system from invasion by stressors in near future (Johnson et al.,
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The general stressors are organized by their importance and impact on family members. Emma’s specific stressors result from her inability to play her role as a mother and spouse, as she would like to do. These stressors manifest in her poor state of mind, as shown by her strong sense of anxiety, failure, and depression.
However, Vincent’s specific stressors identified are financial problems, lack of desired marital intimacy, sexual relations, the wife’s functional ability. Though each of the family members has variable stressors, they also share emotions resulting from Emma’s medical condition, such as sadness, fear, anger, and anxiety about the future. Emma maintains a great deal of anxiety concerning Jenna future and health, especially with going to the daycare. Likewise, Vincent worries about his wife’s health, as well as the implication of her illness on the family income and

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