Combating Mediocrity Means

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This test paper was based on test questions on chapters 6, 7 and 12. For chapter 6: Public Corruption for Profit. I explained the relationship between incorruptibility, cynicism and consolation. Also for same chapter I explained Blanchard and Peel’s “Ethics Check”. For chapter 7 lectures I explained what “Combating Mediocrity” means. And lastly for chapter 12 I explained what the author means by “who is to say what to do and “Thinking it through”. What is Tragedy and Nobel cause corruption and explain what is meant by “ends justify the means”.

Incorruptibility, Cynicism and Consolation
Police officers and incorruptibility, to be incorruptible is to have a personal character that refuses to be corrupted. (I not sure what you are
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In law enforcement there could be many ways officer could be mediocre. In many different forms as an example of taking phone calls and not taking care of public by not taking the appropriate time to attend to their needs. Also being mediocre in writing simple incident reports. To combat mediocrity officers need to understand the definition and know what mediocrity is. Mediocrity stems from failure to hold officers responsible and accountable, lack of commitment of individual pride, no self-discipline, excessive tolerance from superiors. Mediocrity could be measured as high end, low end and middle. Those on the high and low ends influence the middle. In law enforcement those with the most influence include sergeants, lieutenants and captains. A proper way to combat mediocrity is to provide honest evaluation as this helps them in the long run. Proper standards should be maintained by all levels and should have appropriate guidance and clear expectations what job they need to complete. It is also important to challenge all to do their best at all …show more content…
Tragedy can also arise from the nature of the human condition itself. Suppose that a doctor has two patients before him, both dying, but has the time and resources to save only one. The issue is no how he is to decide, but that his to decide. If he cannot possibly save both – no matter what he does – he must decide His deciding is not a case of “playing God; it is a case of fulfilling the duties of a doctor” (p. 207)
Similar to “ends justify means” Nobel cause corruption can cause suspect to be freed because the officer violated his/her rights. Illegal actions that violate the rights of citizens are never right or excusable. Arrogance corrupts by obscuring the need for thoughts. Cowardice corrupts by denying the point of thought, thus making judgment to the whims of impulse.

“Ends justifies the Means”

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