Enron Scandal Analysis

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Fall of Enron Corporation, popularly known as Enron Scandal which ended with filing bankruptcy on 2nd December 2001. It was one of the largest bankruptcy that America seen at that time and their story became common research for investigators and researchers. Enron was seemed to doing well in the beginning of 2001 but they forced to disclose their accounting practice in October 2001 and which is appeared as very creative and generally unaccepted high-risk accounting practices. This paper examines three person namely Jeffrey a Shankman, Kenneth lay and Louise Kitchen – their involvement in the scandal or relation with Enron Corporation. Their email data files are analyzed using Email forensic analysis tool MailXaminer to find various
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From 1990’s to 2001 Enron was famous in the business world. At the end of 2001 the Enron Corporation collapsed. One of America's largest corporations and America’s most innovative company became America’s biggest corporate bankruptcy. Not only the entire business world but also the lives of their employees affected by this fall. Enron made to believe that the company is in a good position and has good revenue. But the reality was entirely different. Their profits were only in papers, not in practical case. It is done by the intelligently designed accounting by the company executives. Enron was awarded as America’s most innovative company by fortune’s survey for continuous six …show more content…
It might be possible that he had done something unethical in this process. The search were performed using the keyword “Art” using regular expression.


Fig 3: Connections of kenneth.lay@enron.com

Connected Persons georgen@epenergy.com jab@wincrest.com jdoerr@kpcb.com tschlener@fginc.com skaczenski@velaw.com buckley@puc.state.pa.us jeffrey.garten@yale.edu chill@lrmlaw.com kitty.colgin@compaq.com robert@kovair.com watson_wyatt_houston@watsonwyatt.com sharon.lay@travelpark.com

Fig 4: Connections of louise@enron.com

Connected Persons

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