Case Study Of Nursing Code Of Conduct

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Introduction Within this paper, the case study involving Mr. J’s emergency admission to a rural hospital will be discussed in relation to the legal and ethical implications that had taken place during his admission. These implications will be analysed and explored through the use and comparison of the Nurses Code of Conduct in Australia, as well as nursing frameworks and ethical expectations and standards for practicing nurses. Ethical morals and motives may also be discussed throughout this paper, relating to underlying problems and identification of core actions that could have prevented Mr. J’s death, had further action been taken.

Nursing Code and Conduct Each nurse is held to a certain expectation, of which must be upheld while caring
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The issue of ethical responsibility, (Australian Nursing Council, 2008), can also be considered as the nurse didn 't follow up or take any further actions in relation to the pathology results, arguably leading to the patients death. Therefore, this can be argued that the nurse didn 't reach an appropriate or expected level of care in relation to the nursing code of conduct nor responsibility to the patient, (Australian Nursing Council, 2008), and can be considered as neglect to the patient, (I. McGrath, personal communication, August, 2015), as his needs weren 't met and the nurses duty of care to the patient was not …show more content…
After receiving the results of Mr. J’s blood test, the who received the results nurse on the ward didn 't alert the medical officer or another co-worker. The nurse put the results into the patients folder without identifying anyone. When the end of shift came, there was a brief verbal handover to the RN’s, none of who read the patients notes or pathology results, leaving the results to be unread until Monday morning.
 This is a demonstration of negligence, as the nursing staff were responsible for the care of Mr. J and did not follow the standard of care by following up the results and taking further action, (Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service, 2007). This can also be considered as an act of unprofessional conduct, (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2008), as the care given by the nurse who received the results was not adequate to the standard of Code of Professional Conduct, (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2008), and ultimately lead to Mr. J’s

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