Case Study Of Gilbane Gold, David Jackson, The Engineer Responsible For Waste Treatment

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In the case study of Gilbane Gold, David Jackson, the engineer responsible for waste treatment in Z-Corp, was put in a very difficult situation. In the beginning, David was getting results from Frank’s waste water discharge tanks that showed that they have been releasing arsenic and lead at higher levels than what the city allows. The waste water ends up into the popular and profitable sludge product called Gilbane Gold. Gilbane Gold is sold as a fertilizer to farmers for about 75 years. David mentions his concern of this in the monthly meeting. Frank Ceders, the engineering manager of Z-Corp, Diane Collins, the vice president of the facility, and Phil Port, the manager of the Z-Corp Gilbane Plant and David’s boss were all in that monthly meeting. After the meeting, Phil and David further discuss about this situation. Phil stated that if they were causing a problem then they would have heard it from the water treatment department because it’s there responsibility. After David’s discussion with Phil, he decided to go to Tom Richards, an independent water treatment engineer and consultant of Z-Corp. Tom stated that their old test did not have adequate sensitivity to let them know about their changing levels of waste water accurately. Upon finding this problem from David, Tom wanted to use a new and more expensive test to measure the discharge levels more accurately. He informed Z-Corp officials that changes were necessary. However, Phil Port stated that Z-Corp did not need to…

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