Case Study Of A Marketing Research Analyst ( Greg ) For Xyz Essay example

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This case study involves a marketing research analyst (Greg) for XYZ is being put in a situation that could result in unethical behavior. Greg has been put in a situation where he needs to make a rapid decision. After finishing his marketing report, Greg was notified by his project/work coordinator (Elizabeth) that his work needs to be revised. These instructions originated from the co-owners and active managers (Ms. Jordan and Mr. Collins) of XYZ. The reason for the last minute request coincides with Greg’s managers wanting to stay in their client’s good graces and ensure that they return for additional marketing advice. The firm is operating in a matter that tells the customer what they want to hear, instead of what they should hear. This situation can raise the question as whether or not XYZ is operating unethically. In addition, Greg is forced to act unethically, unless he stands behind his work and to deliver the report to use clients. If XYZ and Greg follow through with the modifications to the marketing research report, they will not only be offering inaccurate information to their clients, but they will be putting their names and the firm’s name in jeopardy.
The primary people being affected by XYZ’s actions are their current clients, Greg and XYZ as an entire firm. If XYZ is promoting unethical behavior, everyone associated with the firm will be negatively affected in the long run. In addition, XYZ will run this risk of damaging their reputation to a point of no…

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