Case Study Of A Company At ABC Company

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Luke is an employee at ABC company and has been asked to take part in a project of developing land purchased by the company to build an adult entertainment retail store. Owen, Luke’s brother lives in the neighborhood in which the adult entertainment retail store will be located. Owen is thinking about selling his property but is still indecisive and wants to wait to see if the market value will increase. However, Luke knows that with the announcement of the opening store, the neighborhood’s property value will get lower.
Luke is not sure if he should let his brother, Owen know about ABC’s plans to open a store and what that would mean for his property value. If this is his choice, he needs to consider how he would feel if the roles were switched and how his actions represent who he is. Or if
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If he continues to tell others of the company’s plans, it will affect the company’s future. Or if other employees find out and decide to follow with Luke’s example, then it would not be good for the company. Also if he tells Owen, then Owen may tell his other neighbors and so on. In this case the outcome could be harmful for the company. Owen may be upset to find out about Luke knowing all along, however, the ethical thing to do is to keep company information private. We can also apply the Utilitarianism method to conclude that the most affected or harmed by this situation would be the company since Luke’s decision may lead to other consequences. If more people find out about the change in property value, then more people would be opposed to the announcement. Luke cannot guarantee that Owen won’t tell others either voluntarily or involuntarily, as in someone over hearing him speaking about the situation. With that in mind, Luke should keep to himself what he knows. Luke must think about the results that both options will

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