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According to the constraints of the old system that I mentioned above as well as the conversation with Mr. Bailey earlier, he wishes to completely abandon the outdated Microsoft based infrastructure due to technical issues and the cost to maintain it. Therefore, I will propose a fully cloud based solution for Catholic Charities. It is Google Apps for Work. Because Catholic Charities is a nonprofit organization, Google has a program that offers all the features I will mention below at no cost. You can visit this link to see Google Nonprofits program eligibility requirements as well as application form. A.3- Google Apps for Work Introduction: Google App for Work bundles an all-in-one suite to communicate, store, create and manage. This …show more content…
o Google Admin has a mobile app that help administrator manage users’ account on the go such as add users, reset passwords, view audit logs, contact support and so on. Another feature of Google Admin mobile app that worth mention is the ability to enforce BYOD security policies on employees iOS and Android devices, so he/she can locate lost phones or remotely wipe the data within the phone in case of lost or stolen phone. o The integration with the third party apps available in Google Apps Marketplace for business solutions like CRM, project management, compliance and so on is accessible in one click sign on. o Google Admin can also monitor the company user’s activities on Google Apps with the terrific audit capabilities that can give the administrator information he/she needs with a pinpoint accuracy. +Google Vault (Only Available to Google Apps for Work Plus Users): o Google Vault helps admin to manage, retain, search and export the users’ email and chat logs. o Google Vault control how long email messages and chats logs are …show more content…
o Google Vault has a built-in search engine powered by Google Search to retrieve the information from open/closed account to gather data in case of legal issue cause by employee turnover. o Google Vault can export the emails and the chat log into many other familiar formats.

Note: it is worth to mention that, Google App for Work has great integration capability, so it is going to compatible with any e-Signature solution that Mr. Bailey will select in the near future. A.4- Benefits: o Google Apps for Work is an almost bug-free environment as it gets updated continuously by Google software engineering team. o It helps improve internal and external communication between employees and clients. o It helps improve the data security by giving the admin absolute control over users’ activities on Google Apps. o It improves centralization by giving admin to remote control every accounts and devices in the organization. o It has one of the best record tracking system which serves for the business audit purpose. o It increases the overall workflow and the productivity of the company by giving employees every tools they need on web

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