Case Study for Critical Analysis Essay

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Case Study for Critical Analysis
Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation

Poompat A.
Nudshalai V.
Kritthee U.

October 17, 2012

Introduction Commonwealth Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation is a firm that provides a chauffeured transportation services to business travelers. The company is founded by its current CEO, Dawson Rutter, and was originally based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Originally, Rutter, meant his company to be small and simple, enabling him to have several days off in a week. However, within six years, the company client base expands, thus presenting an opportunity to set a new benchmark for the chauffeured transportation industry. Currently, Commonwealth
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The type of employees that Rutter should hire into his company is for the Human Resource Management. First of all, this department will lighten Rutter’s job in recruiting and hiring new drivers for his company – giving him more time to manage other means in the firm. Not only that Rutter will not be loaded with this responsibility, the HR manager will be more efficient and effective in recruiting the best choices of drivers for the company.

Human resource department is specialized in recruiting, screening, interviewing, and assigning jobs to the right workers. All these method are to have the specified standard in recruiting new drivers such as: personality, education level, background check, physical abilities, and etc. to make sure that the company is hiring suitable employees for the job.

The human resources department will not only effectively and efficiently hire suitable employees; it will also handle matters in other areas. Employee relations, payroll, and even training can be achieved through this department. Benefitting in terms of positive attitudes of the employees towards the company, creating the best experience for the customers – thus overall performance and profit of the company will surely be satisfying.

2. Which of the three broad HRM activities (finding people, managing, talent, or maintaining talent, or maintaining workforce) would you invest in most heavily in

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