Explain Conflict And Anger Destroyed Right Now By Lynn G. Robbins

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Chapter One

Conflict and Anger Destroyed Right Now

Lynn G. Robbins described anger as...that (it) leads to hostile feelings or behavior. It is the detonator of road rage on the freeway, flare-ups in the sports arena, and domestic violence in homes.

Let’s look at some of the negative stuff first.
Getting angry at your husband or wife may help you get something out of him or her that you want to achieve, grasping at your unmet or unrealistic expectations, but the consequences over time will cost you!

How cooperative do you think he/she will want to be when you manipulate with your anger.? And that is what it is, manipulation.

You then can assume as you carry your anger into your relationship with your spouse that you are indeed straining
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Now let 's turn all that bad and negative stuff into happy.
We now have a description of anger and its effects by Robbins. So if it leads to all those terrible feelings and actions what is the opposite that can bring about wonderful feelings and acts of kindness?

What effect can love and kindness have in your relationship?

Imagine what it would be like to be with your husband or your wife and have nothing but positive feeling and kind thoughts towards each other.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to turn your anger around and easily change your mood and the way you react in any situation and the effect that would have in your marriage?

Can you visualize what it’s going to be like to bring the best out of your husband or wife to have your needs and expectations met through actions of love and harmony. And the only consequences are more love and peace between the two of you. But there still is a cost of all the love and peace at home. That cost is your pride. I can show you how to accomplish this love and
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Wouldn 't it be great if there was a mapped out way to be sure that your wife or husband easily understood and instantly knew what your needs are?

You can totally eliminate thoughts and feeling of injustice, mistreatment in your husband or wife by simply employing simple techniques that enrich and build that needed trust.

Envision the effect of praising your husband or wife, elevating him or her, that your communication is no longer corrosive to your marriage.

The trust and respect will be out of this world once you use the long held secrets from ancient records and modern texts. Getting your hands on the methods and techniques you will be so excited to enrich, repair and even save your failing marriage.

And the only silent treatment in your relationship with your spouse will be the silence of harshness and complaining and the silence of your peace in your heart.

You will automatically want to be complementary in your roles as husband and wife. You will not want to bend to the pressure of society that tells you, you are the same and have the same roles as men and women.

Once you employ this understanding that you are unique and contribute wonderful differences into your

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