Case Study : A Concentration Of Mental Activity Essay

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Case Study Brian is a thirty year old male who had witnessed an armed robbery on his trip to the grocery store. He was able to give the police a description of the suspect and had identified a man the police picked up as the perpetrator. Later, police found the suspect to be innocent despite Brian’s confidence in his identifying of the man. Brian was confused about the incident and decided to come talk to me about his concerns. He wanted to understand what attention, perception and memory were and how attention and perception could have influenced his memory. I explained to him that, according to Matlin (2012), attention is “a concentration of mental activity that allows you to take in a limited portion of the vast stream of information available from both your sensory world and your memory”. In simpler terms attention is the ability to selectively process information. Once attention is focused you then use your perception to interpret the information. Perception uses the knowledge you have accumulated to make sense of the world you see before you. You use these two processes while forming memories. Memory can be described as the process of maintaining information over time (Matlin, 2012). To create a memory you first need to direct your attention to a stimuli, perceive and interpret the information from the stimuli, then place the stimuli in either working or long term memory for later use. It is a complex system, so complex in fact that even the most advanced…

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