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Young and Middle Adulthood Case Studies
Alicia Steele
BSHS 325
May 26, 2014
Jeni Maijala

Young and Middle Adulthood Case Studies
Case studies will be an important part of the profession of human services. Not only is it important to keep notes on each client but also for future reference on a client, a case study will come in handy. This paper will illustrate an example of a case study and examine the following, family, social, and intimate relationships of the person in the case study, identify any role changes that may have occurred, and the immediate and future effect of healthy and unhealthy habits practiced by the person.
My case study is on Jackson. A 25 year old male with a substance abuse problem. Upon graduating high
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He soon transitioned to a college student and was slowly showing his independence by attending college. Now it seems as Jackson has regressed back into his dependent stage. Jackson is now dependent on his mother by moving back home, dropped out of college, and is now dependent on painkillers and alcohol. Jackson has went from middle adulthood to young adulthood by his inability to retain control of his life.
Jackson faces many effects of his unhealthy habits now and in the future as well. Starting off with his alcohol abuse. According to the article Underage Drinking Among College Students, Alcohol consumption on campus is a major concern…at colleges and universities throughout the United States. The central problem is that a significant portion of the alcohol is being consumed by students who are younger than the legal drinking age of 21 (Miller, Stout, & Sheppard, 2000). This puts Jackson at the risk for binge drinking, unplanned/unprotected sexual activity, damage property, harm or being harmed, and be in trouble with campus police (Miller, Stout, & Sheppard, 2000). Jackson is also dependent on controlled substances. According to the article, Trauma and Substance Abuse: Deadly Consequences of Intravenous Percocet Tablets, There are an estimated 20.6 million adults and teenagers classified as being addicted to or dependent on drugs or alcohol…A large number of trauma patients who are discharged from the hospital narcotics can have deadly consequences

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