Case Analysis Sunflower Incorporated Essay

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Case Analysis
Sunflower Incorporated

Case Synopsis:
This case focuses on the planned change program that was implemented on the financial reporting system of Sunflower Incorporated, a large distribution company which resells salty snack foods and liquor. It also focuses on the management of the change program that was implemented to monitor pricing and purchasing decisions.

• The major issue that this case highlights is manipulation in products in some regions to increase the sale and the profit of the company.
• The other issue is ineffectiveness in implementing the change program that Agnes Albanese initiated.
• Inability to maintain the sustainability of the change program as even after agreeing with the change
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Similarly, the pushing forces that were prevalent were:
1. Top management pressure
2. Other brands were pushing hard to increase market share by cutting prices and launching new products. Hence this had created competitor’s pressure.
3. Profitability needs.
From the force field analysis it is known that there are more restraining forces than pushing forces prevalent in the system making the change program ineffective.

Albanese was able to unfreeze the existing situation and create an environment in which executives accepted the need for change. She was also able to move the behavior of the regional executives in the desired direction but failed to freeze the change that was desired as there were prevalent restraining forces than pushing forces.
The other thing contributing to the failure of the change program was that change process was initiated during the peak sale season which was an inappropriate time for the implementation for the change program. Recommendations and suggestions:
Albanese' approach may be typical for many organizations but unfortunately it doesn't return anticipated results for numerous reasons. Organizational development theory tells us that change, in order to be effective, must be led and managed. Albanese only provided a quick solution to what she regarded as a simple problem while making no efforts to establish a change plan that would have included such elements as

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