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Dylan Jenniges
LEP 400: Sustainability
Project 3# Interview In today’s day and age, technology is becoming more prevalent than ever before. Everywhere we go, we see people on their phones, tablets, and e-readers. I have interviewed three people who use both e-readers and physical books to read: Andrew Hemp, Debra Jenniges, and Shirley Knakmuhs. I interviewed them to gain perspective on which form of reading books do they prefer. The first person I interviewed was my friend Andrew Hemp. He is a 25 year old Computer Repairman. Last year Hemp moved from Marshall, Minnesota to Burbank, California. He enjoys spending his time taking pictures of anything and everything. Hemp loves the outdoors as it provides him with fantastic views to
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Hemp wouldn’t because those factors equate to very little when it comes to the position from fossil fuels. The article is making it seem like physical books are the way to go but in reality they aren’t.
The second person I interviewed was my mother Debra Jenniges. She is a 54 year old receptionist at Meadowlands. Jenniges loves to spend countless hours reading books. She loves work during the winter time because work tends to be much slower. She can spend more time reading her books. Jenniges spends at least 4 hours on the weekends reading.
The convenience factor for e-readers is the biggest reason why she prefers them. Jenniges doesn’t like the size of some of the books. She often uses her phone as an e-reader. “Books are bigger and fatter than e-readers so they aren’t as easy to bring them with you to places. I use my phone a lot to read books especially at work. E-readers are small and can easily fit in your pocket or purse.” (Jenniges, personal communication, March 19, 2016) Jenniges loves being an Amazon Prime member. She enjoys getting free books and discounts on books from Amazon. I described her the environmental factors that are described in the article and asked her if she would consider changing her answer. Jenniges wouldn’t change her answer because of the amount she reads. “I have read well over 40-50 books so the payback of the fossil fuel, water

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