Capitalism, Toxicity And The Consuming Subject And Sylvie Kim 's The End Of Spam Shame

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Capitalism and Toxicity in Modern Society The two essays, Nan Enstad’s “Toxicity and the Consuming Subject” and Sylvie Kim’s “The End of Spam Shame” focus on two drastically separate topics; although there are ways to connect each article. The first author, Nan Enstad, is a professor at the University of Wisconsin with a focus on women’s history and popular culture. Author, Sylvie Kim, is an Asian American freelance writer who gets published in a popular Asian American magazine. While both appeal to a specific audience, Enstad and Kim’s essays describe the hardships that repeatedly fall upon a lower socio-economic class, as a result of the capitalist ways of the American society. The authors appeal to a specific audience to expand on each individual argument. Published in the magazine “Hyphen”, Kim’s article has a standard audience of Asian Pacific Americans. She retells memories of her childhood, and also of her past generation’s stories about the stigma behind Spam. Kim uses a type of informal writing to connect with her readers on a more personal level. While Enstad clearly states that she is writing this for other American studies scholars to read and expand upon. Written in a more formal tone, Enstad fills her essay with her own opinions while backing it up with proven facts like examples such as National Geographic’s studies and the work of other scholars, Frank and Brown. By writing in this more formal view, it shows how Enstad is attempting to appeal to other…

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