Capitalism, By Thomas Storck Essay

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Capitalism was the first system to ever benefit all levels of society when it first came around. So, what is wrong with capitalism? Why is capitalism so despicable? What is it about capitalism that induces such bitterness? The essay What is Wrong With Capitalism written by Thomas Storck effectively answers just that. Storck begins by identifying reasons some people may believe why our economic system is capitalist, like having private property and “relative freedom of legal competition”, but then goes on to explain his reasoning. His reasoning is the employer/employee divide. The employee does all the work, but the employer makes all the money. As the essay continues, the reader learns why Storck believes that this is not the way for us to be living. Thomas Storck does a very good job of getting through to the reader by using emotion, character and reasoning in order to show what capitalism is really about.
Thomas Storck does such a good job at describing why capitalism is bad for our society because he gives very good examples and clearly gives you his point. For example, he starts off his essay by explaining that capitalism has been the main cause of troubles among our society since the nineteenth century. Socialist are just one of the many groups against capitalism. Some capitalist have resorted to saying psychological reasons are why someone may disagree with capitalism. Storck uses quotes in order to help give the reader a better understanding of where he is coming…

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