Capitalism And Monopolies

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Over the years of American, banks, big corporations, and private businesses have been growing from a large companies to international monopolies. Most of which are corrupt and owned by men who only want more money, our money. Money is a huge factor in our economy and is an essential to live in today 's world. We all need a good education which allows us to have good paying jobs to support ourselves and our families throughout our lives. To achieve these goals, they will get harder and harder for you because of our capitalistic economy and our republic government. Capitalism has caused markets to crash, home businesses to go bankrupt, and made to wealthy even more wealthier. A republic makes room for corruption and ignorant group bias. As much …show more content…
Where we can have production in the economy privately owned by companies, goods and services are produced in a free competitive market, and that privately owned companies can buy and sell their property without government interference or it being highly regulated. This is one of the biggest problems with Capitalism because it creates monopolies. Monopolies are companies that have specific control over a product, name brand, or property. Companies that have monopolies do not just owning a product, name, or property but also someone, or a company, that is the only owner of the product, name, or property and has the power to manipulate the prices of those items. Companies are able to price fix a product allowing them to put their price high or low regardless of supply and demand. An example of this could be something like a pharmaceutical drug that cures cancer. Thousands people need it, it is not something that they just want, it is something they need for their lives. Companies that have a monopoly on and own the drug know how badly people need it and have to power to have a high price on it regardless of demand. On the note of medicine, due to capitalism universal healthcare is near impossible. Many companies act as if they have a monopoly of healthcare and the services that can be provided by it. This makes it harder for the middle and low class to be able to pay for it. A government working under capitalism is also not able to make a health care system because of the monopolies owning the majority of the public goods and services. These issues and loopholes that companies are able to find allow corporations to abuse the system of the free market. Lastly, as a result to monopolies giving companies high amounts of money and an even higher power over the government, it creates a large class gap between the rich, the middle class, and the poor. The gap in classes mirrors the gap in pay and

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