Capital Structure Decisions Essay

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Research Project Presented to

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Kritika Goel

Year of Graduation: 2013


This is not a mere formality, but a means to express my sincere gratitude to all who helped me and played an essential role throughout my endeavour, so that I could complete this research project in time and achieve success.

I acknowledge from the bottom of my heart those who were solicitous and benevolent enough to guide me throughout the period.

First and foremost, I am deeply grateful to my college and my research project mentor Prof. Kedar Subramanian whose profound encouragement, cooperation,
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It is clear that the size of the firm and the rate at which it is growing has a positive impact on lower value debts of the debt ratios, however has a negative impact on higher values of debts of the ratios. According to a study it is determined that high-level companies are more likely to get outside a guarantee investment strategies in their first year of functions than any other type of firm. Outside debts has been included about 75 percent of initial funds. Core debts and owner debts were much less important resources of start-up funds.


TOPIC PAGE NO. 1. Abstract 3

2. Introduction 5 a. Statement of the Problem 7 b. Purpose of the Study 7 c. Significance of the Study 7 d. Methodology 8

3. Review of

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