Canyon Ranch Essay

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Canyon Ranch is operating in a highly competitive hospitality market, one in which their competitors are fighting tooth and nail to gain market share in a saturated market. Implementing a successful CRM strategy is imperative in the resort / spa industry given that the competition is diligently working to improve their processes and mold their consumers into brand loyal, frequent visitors.
The first major leak in their process-centered CRM system is that Canyon Ranch mentioned that they do not have a formal recognition or reward program. Although their implementation of the “Centennial Membership” program was a step in the right direction, in order to entice travelers to visit the Canyon Ranch locations on a regular basis, they must
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Despite the fact that the customers don’t initially realize any benefits from Silver Status, Canyon Ranch can use the information that they gathered from this CRM system to better target these individuals. They can monitor their purchasing patterns, areas of interest and also their level of engagement with the brand. Aside from only earning points by dollars spent, Canyon Ranch can leverage this rewards system using social media outlets.
The article discussed that Canyon Ranch did not advertise heavily and also that they rely on word-of-mouth and referrals to provide leads. With the effectiveness of social media, it is beneficial to encourage our patrons to correspond with their networks and promote their experience at one of our Canyon Ranch locations. Canyon Ranch can set a monthly or quarterly ceiling on the amount of “Health and Happiness” points that one can receive by means of social media. Perhaps 100 points per month is an appropriate allotment because we do not want these individuals to be perceived as shills (someone who portrays an enthusiastic customer but is actually working for the organization). 25 “Health and Happiness” points can be awarded per engagement using social media. Whether it’s a tweet on Twitter, a post on Facebook, a review on Trip Advisor or a blog post about your trip; this opportunity can help Canyon Ranch build their brand, and little-by-little,

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