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Canyon Ranch Answers Parth Gandhi

1. What is the value of customer information to Canyon Ranch?
Ans. To Canyon Ranch, customer information is must in order to implement their business model successfully. The value that it gives to the business is that it understands customer’s unique wants and give alternatives that will allow each guest to rach their individual goals. This is essential for Canyon Ranch to reach its mission to “inspire people to make healthy living, turning hopes and live into the highest enjoyment of life”. By gathering and sharing guests’ information, Canyon Ranch can assimilate it to “know and understand their customers, provides loyalty, and cross-sell its offerings” all of which are highly critical to
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From an IT position, Canyon Ranch has basic systems for the business to function although they are not very effective. The CLS based system is used to record transactional data while client preferences, support incident, rapid response etc. used Guestware. is not integrated well with CLS. The program coordinator, who persisted as the contact person for the quest through their stay, did not always have all of the data ahead of time. There is no POS software in the restaurant or the salon, hold up the Ranch of a chance to compile and track sales data. Canyon Ranch’s each business unit is committed on improving the level of customer service and personalization. As a CIO I would make central IT infrastructure so that all the figures is shared at every Canyon Ranch branch so that where every a customer goes he is not treated as new if he has visited it before.
Create a Point of Sale software that leads to traceable value of purchase. If any customer wants to just buy a product then he can buy it rather than taking whole services. Increase direct marketing and communication to self decision making software that recognizes the pattern of customer visit and reminds him about his upcoming event to celebrate or take service at Canyon Ranch.
3. What impact would you anticipate these systems to have on the Canyon Ranch strategy and capabilities?
Ans. The evolution of IT application such as CRM and BI systems will change the business

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