Candide, And The Metamorphosis Essay

1951 Words May 7th, 2016 8 Pages
Love? Candide, and “The Metamorphosis”, “The Dead”, all have one major emotion in them…love. However, each one of them portrays love in a different way. All of these stories demonstrate how love is an unbreakable bond that can affect how a person behaves, and how one emotion can change a person. We all have been told at some point in our life that the way we act when we ae around certain people change depending on who the person is. When we are around a person we love, we act differently than we would if we are around a stranger. Each one of the three stories mentioned above has love in them. First, we will start out with a summary, to get a better understanding of the literary piece that is being analyzed. Then discuss how love plays in all of these pieces. In the story Candide, Candide is about a man that ends up falling in love with his uncle’s daughter. The Baron, his uncle, sees them kiss and he kicks Candide out. Throughout the story, Candide is traveling the world trying to find his true love. He ends up killing a few people, sleeping with a different woman that reminded him of his Cunegonde, and when he is finally able to be with his beloved Cunegonde again, he is determined to marry her even though he states that “she has become ugly”. However, he still married her because he made a promise to her and her brother. Candide buys a farm and they live happily ever after. Another type of love in Candide was the love between him and Pangloss, his tutor. They ended up…

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