Canadian Women And The Struggle For Equality Essays

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Canadian Women & the Struggle for Equality Lorna R. Marsden’s Canadian Women & the Struggle for Equality: The Road to Gender Equality since 1867 is one that documents the journey of women in Canada almost 150 years ago and the key moments in their journey towards equality. Marsden draws extensively from numerous historical documents that chronicle the path towards equality and also shows the struggles women have faced since the time of confederation and the challenges women in Canada still face to this day. Marsden not only uses perceptions from sociology, but insights from history, women’s studies, and political science, which allows the reader to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of the book. In her work, Marsden explores social change in Canada and tells the stories of women in the context of the law, world wars, demographics, and immigration. She focuses on how Canadian women have succeeded in changing the law and common practice on gender equality; however while her book is well supported by different narratives, it fails to identify the different forms of feminisms that occurred during the time of confederation and the subtle distinctions between the feminism back then and today. Marsden’s book revolves around the confederation and the great flaws that occurred back then. She traces gender inequality in Canada back to the British North America (BNA) Act of 1867. In her book, she writes that the “first major flaw was the complete omission of rights or…

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