Essay on Canadian Heritage Minute : Nelly Mcclung

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1. Canadian Heritage Minute: Nelly McClung

a. What particularities from this article are portrayed in the Canadian Heritage Minutes?

The Canadian Heritage Minutes video portrayed several part from this article. the first part showed, McClung arguing with premier for women 's right to vote. Second part showed, her stage a mock parliament attacking vote for men. The last part showed, women having right to vote and show McClung meet premier in polling station.

b. What is the purpose of this minute and who is the intended audience?

The purpose was to show, why women wanted to vote and how they began to vote.This video was intended for younger audience, but it was more toward females, government and politicians as reminder of past and importance of equality.

c. What is the speaker 's (narrator) tone in the minute? What bias (if any) is given through this minute? How is this tone and bias conveyed?

The first part of video, the tone is frustrating, McClung is frustrate that women can 't vote and music is played slow. For the second part, the background music plays slow and rhythmic suggesting the tone is bright, and hopeful. During middle of video, the music plays faster and faster, suggesting the tone is excite and possible tension. The last part, McClung make fun of premiere, suggesting tone is mockery.

2. "The Victory of 'Calamity Nell ': A Profile of Nelly McClung" an article by Mary Nemeth

a. This article not only admires…

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