Canada 's Role During World Events Essay

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Canada’s Role in World Events Canada has really changed throughout the years and went from a colony of Britain, to the proud independent nation it is today. Over the years this country has played a large role in world events which helped shape not only them, but the whole world, whether it be providing military support or signing a treaty. Even though Canada was not as influential as other countries such as France, Britain, the US and Russia, they still made a contribution putting them on the world stage. The positive changes that Canada made were a result of their involvements in world events, which helped the country in becoming stronger and more developed. Some examples of these world events are World War One, World War Two, and the Cold War. A vast reason to why Canada is the strong, independent nation it is today is because of their contribution to the First World War. Before the First World War started, Canada was known as a colony of Britain, and just that. Nobody took them seriously and many thought they had no impact on the war, which they soon proved to be wrong. The Canadians entered the war as a colony of Britain, but left as a proud nation as a result of their contribution in the war. The war was the bloodiest conflict in Canadian history, with around 61’000 casualties, however battles such as Ypres, Somme, Passchendaele and Vimy Ridge triggered many Canadians to believe that Canada could be its own country and not a colony of Britain. The battle of Vimy…

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