Canada 's Independence Of The British Empire Essay

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Canada’s independence was influenced by many factors such as the 1982 constitution, which added the charter of right and freedom for Canada, Canada 's choice to join world war 2, in the first world war we were forced to fight along Britain although for world war 2 we chose to fight with them. Finally, Canada’s contribution to both world wars. Canada was a colony of the British Empire, meaning Britain retained overall legislative supremacy. In 1982, Pierre Trudeau introduced several new amendments to the constitution that later would be approved. Moreover, these events were influenced by the same factor, that Canada spent too many resources and money on international affairs. The result of Canada 's expenditures was a vital factor to Canada 's independence from the British Empire.

During both world wars, Canada spent a large amount of resources on both in an attempt to aid Britain and other countries fighting Germany. Canada was forced to join world war 1, in result, Canada helped Britain as much as they could by supplying them with a plenty amount of resources. Canada set a budget of $185 million, assuming that the war would end shortly. Although, the complete opposite occurred. The first world war ended up making Canada go over budget, Canada spent around $740 million, in addition their debt also increased to $1.2 billion from $300 million. In 1915, Sir Robert Borden introduced the Imperial Munitions Board, this would bring in small companies to produce resources for the…

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