Essay on Canada 's Diversity Model Should Be Defended

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Chantal Hébert’s article, “Canada’s diversity model should be defended, not denounced”, deals with cultural diversity in Canada’s politics. It lists many politicians, “federal, provincial and municipal leaders” (Hébert 2016), who share the viewpoint that the Canadian model of cultural diversity should be defended and exported. The article argue that rather than looking for inspiration in some other country’s policies, we should stand by our multicultural, inclusive model. According to leaders such as Justin Trudeau and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, Canadian identity isn’t static and there’s no reason why immigration and diversity shouldn’t be embraced. The article concludes that the fact that this discussion is in the limelight is a good thing; defending the case for Canada’s diversity will end up making it stronger.
This is primarily an article about identity and integration; it questions the more conservative, culturally exclusive models of the past and of other countries, and argues for the defense of Canada’s progressive policy on inclusivity. We can conclude that as a nation-state, Canada should pride itself on its value of multiculturalism. To unpack this, what the article sheds light on is mostly the “state” part of the equation, bringing to the reader’s attention the panoply of politicians who have shared their pro-diversity views.
One of our definitions of nation is “a collection of people who share a common language, world view and ancestry”. Not all…

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