Can We Auto Correct Humanity? Essay

755 Words Apr 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Employees Then and Now The work force today is nothing compared to how it was some fifty years ago in 1966. It is no secret that employees now a days are harder to motivate, and don’t believe in hard work. It is common to hear employers complain about this, because they only have a few motivated workers. The truth is, good and willing employees are scarce in this generation. Advancement in technology, more opportunity for relocation, and loss in loyalty are all factors that contribute to this lacking of hard working people. If someone were to go outside and walk down the street or go into a restaurant for example, they would see a majority of people with their heads in their phones. Communication does not interest them that much unless it comes from Snapchat, Facebook or Tumblr. An inspirational speaker known as Prince Ea creates videos that point out everything that is wrong with the current generation, and how we should better ourselves. One of his videos is titled ‘Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?’ and in it he shows how being connected through technology has actually made us more disconnected in everyday life. The same can be applied to the work force. They would rather focus their time on their technology than connect with people while they do their job. Fifty years ago, there were no cell phones that could serve as distractions. People were at work to work and earn their pay check. They were grateful to have their job. In today’s society however, if someone gets fired…

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