Can Tourism Promote Peace In The Middle East: Analysis

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Journal 1: Are we the same? Do they belong here?

After listening to the podcast about Why do conservatives need liberals and vice versa? and How can tourism promote peace in the Middle East? I believed that both perspectives of the podcast had a good standing in their position; however, it seems that there was a lack in understanding in the opposing side. In Why do conservatives need liberals and vice versa? it starts out by having Donald Trump express how there should a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States in response to the ISIS incidents and terrorist activities like that of 9/11. From what I got from the podcast, the main purpose was to emphasize how Americans could live without
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Brooks also claimed that helping people that are starving was a distraction, yet we need to work together to mitigate poverty through the method of disposal. It was said that in this free market system, both conservatives and liberals need each other. These conservatives could help the poor with issues related to poverty. Liberals, on the other hand, believes that the free market system could solve any problem they have. To be honest, the only thing I agree from this podcast is that we have to work together to fix this poverty issue, without …show more content…
podcast, the speakers clarifies the issue of identity crisis in which they see Israeli as both the enemy and as someone who is similar to them. That being said, a world without someone or any specific race could have many controversies. Like being said by Sarah Abu, she lives a daily life of having to carry an onion when leaving for school in the morning due to the phobia of tear gas. It is to the extent that a mother would daily check if their child has an onion with them at all time. This became a normal lifestyle for many people like Abu. It was the attacker that limit the freedom of these settlers, yet possesses the moral aspect to kill and hate. These soldiers and settlers formed this boundary of hatred which they live different lifestyle. It sets a question to why these soldiers and settlers are fighting. If they believed that protesting and throwing rocks would be a simple solution or the best method to express what they believe was right, but is dying for what you really believe the best

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