Can Students Learn Correct Grammar Usage Without Completing Curriculum?

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Rough Draft Can students learn correct grammar usage without completing curricula that include hours of tedious grammar exercises? According to experts and multiple studies conducted over the past half-century, the answer is a resounding yes. Infact, syllabi that require students to spend time reading and writing result in a more successful grammar education than structured grammar exercises. This is because students subjected to grammar programs, focused on exercises, are more likely to develop an aversion to writing. Time spent on grammar exercises would be better spent reading, writing, and practicing composition.
Students who spend time reading and free writing with no grammar instruction learn grammar just as effectively as students who are taught through grammar exercises. According to a study conducted in a New Zealand high school, both traditional and alternative grammar curricula failed to provide students with a better understanding of grammar than free writing and reading. The study compared the success of three writing programs (traditional grammar, alternative grammar, and free writing and reading) by testing the students in essay writing, sentence structure, usage, spelling, reading comprehension, vocabulary, literature, and attitudes. The only test score that varied was attitude, which was significantly higher in the group that focused on reading and writing in place of grammar exercises (Elley). Time spent implementing grammar exercises would be…

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