Call, The Scarlet Letter Essay

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In 1995 director Roland Joffe released the movie call “The Scarlet Letter” on October 13. “The Scarlet Letter” presented the story about a young woman named Hester who comes from England, into the Massachusetts Bay Colony during the 17th century. Hester went to Massachusetts Bay to established life while awaiting for the arrival of her husband to join her. While waiting for him she established independence, fixing up a house, befriending other Quakers and other Puritans. While she waited for her husband, she learns that her husband was killed by Indians. She then begin to start falling in love with a young pastor. Hester then has a child by the pastor, but refuses to name the father, the puritan community forces her to wear the letter A, for adulteress, and be publicly humiliated in front of the whole community. Hester husband then suddenly reappears after a year with Indians. He then seeks revenge, searching out Hester’s baby father. “The Scarlet Letter” was created to make a portrayal of the writer ancestors as hypocrites. The writer/director included elements of Puritan society in general, their beliefs, customs, and practice, to make the movie as realistic as possible. The writer of the movie was very successful at that, this movie presents a very realistic portrayal of the Puritans community. So the Scarlet Letter is in fact a very accurate movie, but the characters nor was the events real.
Many real-life Puritans women convicted of adultery like Hester, suffer the…

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