Call Of The Wild Compare And Contrast Essay

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Throughout life, you will encounter difficulties that will make you have to persevere. During Call of the Wild, Buck got sold for the first time in his life which caused him to have to persevere. In contrast, my dad had to make a choice that would affect his whole family. Although Buck and my dad had to face different challenges, they both had certain qualities that helped them persevere through those events. People and animals have to have characteristics that would help them persevere through the challenges life throws at them. During The Call of the Wild, Buck is forced to leave his happy and wonderful home, and he has to adapt to a new life that will cause him to go through many hard challenges. When Buck gets sold for the first time he gets a new owner which is the man in the red sweater, and he ends up …show more content…
Since both Buck and my father were hopeful they were able to persevere. Buck had many owners who would beat him and who wouldn’t take good care of him, but he was hopeful that one day things would change and that he would get an owner that loved him. After my dad lost his job, he was hopeful that he would find and get another job that would pay for all of the bills. By all means, my father and Buck were willing to make sacrifices. For one thing, Buck sacrificed himself to get beaten instead of listening to his horrible owners, so he wouldn’t have to deal with his owners anymore. My dad sacrificed his job because he wanted to do the right thing. Determination is a quality that both my father and Buck share. In the book The Call of the Wild, Buck was determined to earn his way to being the lead dog of the sled dog team. Also, my father was determined that he would find a new job, and once he got a job he was determined to be the best at it. As you can see my father and Buck share many of the same qualities that helped them

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